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  • A multimedia company founded by Michele Beschen to produce creative lifestyle content for all platforms. (read more)
    Simply Michele, Inc. launched its' first 30 minute weekly television series titled "Michele Beschen's Courage to Create" in February 2003 on KDSM FOX 17 in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2005, "Michele Beschen's Courage to Create" evolved into "B. Original" for the DIY Network delivering 130 episodes. B. Organic is another extension of our creative how-to programming with a back to basics, environmentally friendly focus.
    SMI continues to build its popular DVD library with the Courage to Create series that now has two titles readily available. With many new ventures on the horizon, you can expect to see SMI be instrumental in developing a new wave in the creative movement that is steadfast in positively connecting with people where they live, work, and play; on tv, in print, on the radio, on the web and in stores.
    Michele Beschen
    This energetic, everyday gal knows the power of creativity and the rewarding self-fulfillment that comes from doing things with your own two hands. Combine that with an enthusiastic passion for nature, authenticity, and vibrant healthy living, and you have an artisan/entrepreneur dedicated to building a business that reconnects people with the innate desire to live a naturally creative, organic lifestyle.

    Creating goes hand in hand with natural living because it empowers us to do for ourselves, be resourceful and self-reliant, while also keeping us in good health both
    physically and mentally. It reinvigorates the conscientious, can-do spirit in us all and she has made it her life’s work to share the simple ways to get there with refreshing ideas, stories, and approachable DIY projects.

    Her journey to date has included growing up in an incredibly creative, nature-oriented family, a 9-year career in broadcast television at the local FOX affiliate, and the start of her own company Simply Michele, Inc. (SMI) in 2002. SMI is a multimedia company on a mission to empower people to explore, express and exchange (continue below)
    fresh ideas through rousing content platforms built around originality and grassroots efforts. The fearless, hands-on approach to embracing a healthier, creative lifestyle herself and in turn sharing those ideas with others, enabled her to combine professional experience with personal passions. She creates a multitude of original how-to projects and content along with engaging creative lifestyle television programs all from her own backyard. She launched the company’s first series “Michele Beschen’s Courage to Create” in February 2003. That product evolved into the how-to series “B. Original” for Scripps Networks.
    Her company delivered 130 episodes that launched on DIY Network and HGTV in 2006. Her newest series “b. organic” takes the creative lifestyle to the next level with all-encompassing projects and ideas that also celebrate nature, good health and the many, many shades of green. This program airs on public television stations across the country and internationally.

    Viewers have come to expect a series of creative ventures that are fresh, playful, and unpredictable. Michele was named one of Multi Channel News 2007 On-Air Women to Watch and is gaining (continue below)
    momentum as a content provider for other national outlets like Good Morning America and the Rachael Ray Show. Her enthusiastic, real-life approach to creative living can be seen through her ever-growing popularity with ‘Do It Yourself Magazine’, her signature
    DVD collections and other media outlets. This curious mind, courageous soul, and creative spirit calls Madison County, Iowa home with her husband Jon and daughter Madeline.
    - Head Video Editor
    - Creative Writer
    - Director of Photography
    - Graphics
    - Audio Engineer
    - Web Development
    Jon joined Simply Michele, Inc. on a fulltime basis in 2006. He brings with him an extensive professional history of management, sales and financial experience. He oversees the development and growth of the business and manages the day-to-day operations.
    Zach spends more time than any other crewmember working on the 'b. organic' series. Whether it be on set, directing and coordinating with Chad so the show will flow as smoothly as possible, or in the edit bay, hacking away for hours on end to make sure that the show leaves our studio as a pristine masterpiece. When he isn't editing the day away, Zach can usually be found working with Michele on blog ideas, copy for newsletters or press releases, and helping manage the different social media platforms. A graduate from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a bachelor's degree in Corporate Communications, he enjoys watching the St. Louis Cardinals and Rams, taking pictures and having fun.
    Chad brings a key element of creativity to the team by having a keen eye for detail and a passion for all things DIY. With a background as an artist and a B.A. from the University of Iowa in motion graphics his abilities go beyond the set. Michele and him have a similar vision and as most artists does not take creative criticism very well. Chad enjoys working on his landscape and collecting treasures from the local antique stores. Taking care of his little girl Ryer with his wife Cortney brings him the most joy and inspiration.
    Mary Ellen
    Michele’s mother has been involved in the business from the beginning, sharing a passion for creativity and the domestic arts. She is an avid gardener and spent several years as a professional floral designer. She oversees the b. organic gardening and edible landscaping efforts. She also assists Michele with project breakouts and steps in as studio coordinator, as needed.
    B. Original is a half hour program that celebrates creativity and originality by putting new imaginative twists to doing it yourself. Creator Michele Beschen shares her taste for the eclectic and passion for the unconventional with playful how-to projects that inspire you to look at things differently and start taking a fearless approach to your own ideas. She shows you the ‘power’ in owning tools and takes you on one colorful, creative adventure after another. You’ll learn how to B. Original with everything from wood, fabric, and metal to jewelry, clothing and furniture. Artful projects for you and your home that will motivate you to B. Original today and everyday.

    2006 Production 130 Half-Hour Episodes 130 2-Minute ShortForm Companions

    Currently airs on HGTV/DIY Network

    b. organic is a grassroots program that celebrates the many shades of green with a practical, modern day approach to living a natural, organic lifestyle. This refreshing television series covers all corners of the organic world, and reconnects viewers with nature, the power of creative expression and ultimately a healthier, more self-reliant lifestyle. Host Michele Beschen introduces you to interesting people who are doing up green in their own unique way and shares fresh ideas for your home, garden, office, kids, pets, and your overall health and well-being. It’s back to basics, renewed.

    In-Production Season 3 26 Episodes

    Currently airs on PBS stations nationwide and internationally.

    The Courage to Create series was Michele’s signature lifestyle program that she started locally and grew into other markets and specialty DVD’s. Creativity is powerful and this program features original projects, tips and ideas that entice viewers to break some rules, expect the unexpected, see the art in imperfection, and to simply enjoy the creative process. Michele’s fearless approach to creativity inspires viewers to embrace their own ideas, to look at things differently and to replace their inner critic with a carefree, imaginative attitude. She has the courage to create and so will you.

    Launched in 2003 Produced 125 episodes Currently has two specialty DVD’s on the market
    Simply Michele also delivers a unique collection of how-to projects with our ever-expanding DVD series. Each production packs a plethora of innovative projects befitting to the title's medium or focus. Fans have come to expect the unexpected from Michele, and these DVD's deliver just that. Viewers are enticed to experiment, break a few rules and celebrate their own individual style and ideas.

    (Paint DVD Trailer)

    (Jewlery DVD Trailer)
    Our reach expands far beyond the television screen and onto the pages of many well-known magazines around the country. Whether it be a lifestyle feature for Better Homes and Gardens' magazine network or an eco-living piece for a small town publication, Michele's fresh ideas are sure to captivate audiences of all types.
    When it comes down to it, Michele started her show so that those who watched could shed their creative fears and find the courage to open their minds and get their hands dirty. The best way to find your own courage to create, you ask? Well, that's with Michele as your guide during one of her hands on, innovative workshops. Follow along as she leads you down the everlasting road to creativity, while working side by side with others who are, like you, ready to expand their creativity in new, fearless ways.
    Throughout the year, when she isn't in front of the camera, Michele can be found delivering various presentations around the country. She has spoken to thousands of children during events for the Girl Scouts of America, led hands on demonstrations at the secluded Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York, and emceed 'green' fashion shows for the Natural Living Expo in her home state of Iowa. Basically, she has done it all and is always up for exploring new ways to share her creative ideas with the masses.
    Email: studios@simplymichele.com      Phone: 515-996-2600      Simply Michele, Inc. PO BOX 259 Van Meter, IA 50261